• Enabling organisational change, creativity and collaboration.

• Placing innovation at the heart of everything we do.

• Helping different communities withing organisations connect to foster learning, drive engagement, develop capability and collaborate to solve  shared challenges.

• Providing expert counsel in organisational change and employee engagement.

• Creative change strategies, communication plans, learning content and digital solutions that are appropriate to both the target audience and the organisational infrastructure.


• Strategy development and execution.
• Leadership coaching and development.
• Organisational and individual alignment and readiness assessments.
• Stakeholder management.
•Organisational behavioural change.
• Change management strategies and program execution.
• Create step changes in performance through:
  – bespoke behavioural training programmes.
  – innovative digital learning content.
 – award wining film content.


• Define and enable a learning organisation.
• Foster efficient problem solving.
• Select, standardise, utilise and leverage best practice.
• Create organisational connections to foster individual and team collaboration.
• Enable individuals and teams to collaborate and work virtually together.
• Share access to people and insights, encourage feedback and highlight successes.


• Aligning organisations to enable innovation.
• New outcomes, futures and capabilities.
• Life-cycle management of ideas.
• Creating the environment that fosters innovation.
• Translating innovation from ideas into profit.
• Digital Induction Programmes.
• Bespoke Learning Management Systems.
• Digital and conventional communication campaigns.



Olivia Ocaña

Olivia has worked with organisations all over the world and in varying sectors, helping to shape and deliver technology solutions that match the goals of the company she is working with. Her belief is that technology is now at the heart of most change programmes and there are often smart and accessible options in translating what ec3 clients need into a solution that brings true benefit.


Coming from a background in corporate technology solutions delivery in the Energy, Engineering, Retail, Manufacturing and Banking industries, she has translated that into a consultancy style that enables her to work with key stakeholders and also dive into the detail and engage with all levels across the business. As a very experienced Product Designer and Programme Director, she is able to adapt and flex styles of delivery to suit the outcomes of each project.


Having worked in technology for over 20 years, Olivia has run multi-million pound complex technology implementation programmes, worked with digital startups, delivered multiple system designs and applications from conception to implementation. As co-founder of ec3, she has worked closely with all of our clients on their specific needs and translated those into customised solutions, leveraging what already exists and supplementing with strategically fitting technology offerings.


Scott Fazio

Scott leverages his 15+ years of executive experience to seamlessly integrate with leadership teams and provide pointed, business-relevant feedback and coaching. Scott’s keen sense of individual needs and organisational dynamics also enables him to drive significant change and development programs through team facilitation, stakeholder engagement and immersion in the business needs.


Prior to ec3, Scott served as a human resources executive for several global organisations. Throughout his career, he also held roles in legal and operations excellence. As a human resources executive, Scott was a highly sought after advisor and confidant at all levels of the organisations from the C-suite to emerging leaders. Based on his unique background and experience, his responsibilities spanned often beyond the scope of human resources to include strategic projects and functions including: legal, operations excellence, acquisition diligence & integration, quality, and environment, health & safety.


Scott focuses his work on complex organisation change programs that require
group-wide and individual change. He leverages his human resources, legal, and process management experience to engage clients on a wide variety of change programs and has worked internationally with clients in the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, Singapore and China.

Most recently, Scott has been working with a series of global industrial organisations to help them better collaborate and develop the leadership competencies required to compete in a highly competitive environment.

His work has spanned a wide range of industries including: engineering, industrial, professional services, and health care.

James Ralph

James Ralph

James is an experienced consultant and project director with 20 years experience
of working with global clients – helping them deliver innovative organisational change and learning projects via both traditional consulting and learning methodologies and digital solutions.


James started his career with one of the large consulting firms as a member of their Human Capital Practice. He joined a smaller, boutique consultancy in the mid 90’s – where he was responsible for 3 of their top 6 clients. He was involved in projects all around the world from the US, to China and the Far East to Africa.

He left in 2004 to co-found a Digital Learning and Change Management company which has delivered successful projects to some of the worlds largest organisations.


In the last decade James has focused his work on large organisation change projects that have often been supported by technology and digital learning – much of it on an international and global level. In the last two years James has worked on projects in China, Africa, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the US, Europe and the UK.

In particular James has recently worked on 2 projects with FTSE 100 or equivalent companies that have been blending established change management methodologies with collaboration technologies and innovative digital learning solutions.

James combines experience and expertise in Change Management with a
background in Learning and Development.

His projects have covered a wide range of industries, from Engineering and
Manufacturing, through Technology to Financial Services.