What was the issue?

Barclays embarked on a change of strategy for its front line staff, in particular focusing on changing the behaviour of Branch Managers and Key Product Managers. Barclays needed a “new” relationship to be formed between customers and front line banking staff to add more value to Customer Interactions.

Barclays learning transformation delivery programme looked to revolutionise the learning content that is available for their global workforce of over 90,000 employees. They needed a ‘what does good look like’ framework that could be adopted and replicated across the various topics that they intended to refresh and deliver. This needed to be delivered to stringent accessibility standards and across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Change strategy.
• Product design.
• Content creation.
• Technical design and testing.
• Project management.
• Engagement management.

What did we do?

Working with the Senior Programme Owners, we defined an overall change strategy to fully engage with the workforce to completely understand the expected deliverable. Working on two specific large learning topics, we designed a comprehensive, fresh, modern and interactive suite of content. This was benchmarked as the type and style for the programme delivery. It was thoroughly tested by the technical teams to ensure that the accessibility standards were fully met and that the various network and localised hardware and software compatibility was complied with.