Bombardier Transportation

What was the issue?

Bombardier Transportation is a global leader in the rail industry. It operates in 28 countries and employs some 37,000 people. We were engaged by bombardier to help them fundamentally change their culture (the attitudes, beliefs and behaviours) relating to Health and Safety. Although Bombardier has a significant team of dedicated Health and Safety specialists and all encompassing processes and procedures designed to keep people safe in the workplace
– far too many people were being injured and unfortunately even killed at work.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Initial consultancy to define the problem statements.
• Change strategy, leadership engagement, communications strategy.
• Specialist behavioural change workshops design and delivery.
• Product design and development.
• Learning content production.
• Film and animation production.
• Targeted leadership coaching and mentoring.

We helped by:

• Providing a fuller understanding of the challenge Bombardier faced.
• Allowing Bombardier to talk to all its people with the same “tone of voice”, with the same message, at the same time.
• Building a multichannel communication plan and Safety “platform to “touch” and interact with over 8000 employees across Europe.
• Designing and delivering bespoke behavioural change training workshops.
• Supporting leaders and managers in owning and delivering the change themselves.
• Facilitating access to learning and change content across Europe.

What did we do?

Working closely with a change team drawn from mainly the shop floor employee population and with the full and active support of senior leaders in the business we built and delivered a multichannel communication and reporting plan and platform to interact with over 8000 employees across Europe. We designed and delivered bespoke behavioural change programmes and created site “hit” teams to deliver the behavioural changes at a local level. Over a 5 year period Lost Time Accidents reduced by 83%, reported incidents rose by 203% and Bombardier Transportation UK won 4 RoSPA Gold awards for safety.