What was the issue?

Costain Group plc is a technology based construction and engineering company with some 4,000 employees on the UK. Costain take the safety and health of it s employees very seriously and historically has delivered learning and training on Health & Safety related topics on a purely face to face basis either in a coaching and mentoring scenario or a class room based facilitator led manner. Costains were looking for a mechanism to increase the use of technology in the learning journeys of its employees and increase the effectiveness of its training offering.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Initial consultancy to define the problem statements.
• Change and leadership engagement.
• Product design.
• Pilot strategy definition.
• Success criteria definition.
• Communications strategy and plan delivery.
• Learning management system design and delivery.
• Full rollout management.

What did we do?

Working closely with the senior executive with responsibility for Health and Safety and the safety team, we enhanced a single cloud platform to facilitate the on demand content creation and deployment as well as formal course content and the virtual coaching solution. Designed to be as simple to use as possible, quickest access, lowest number of clicks or taps to gain insight and find what the workforce are looking for. Using our tried and tested methodology for Piloting the solution first, gaining real life confirmations of success and creating early adopters within the programme, we then used this as the benchmark to grow out to the wider community.