What was the issue?

IMI needed a standardised approach across their three core service areas on the inception, sign off, management and delivery of new products. There were standard phases but no ability to have single sight and view of how these products are tracked through to market readiness, likewise to how the development of the product is relating to the original business case and targets.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Strategy for Product lifecycle definition.
• Product design and development.
• Senior Stakeholder engagement and communication.
• Change strategy delivery.
• Programme management.

What did we do?

Working closely with the senior leaders and engineers within the organisation, we first mapped out and agreed the overall lifecycle from inception to delivery of different types of products to agree one way and one holistic view that could be used for all companies. We then further utilised the experience and delivery of the collaboration platform to interweave the product delivery into a cohesive user experience.

Defining the multi-user journey through the business case and stage gate process and ultimately the dashboard reporting to enable for the first time, one place to view and understand exactly where each of the new product streams were in their delivery lifecycle.