What was the issue?

Keybank is one of the US’s largest banks. It operates across 15 States, has over 1,200 full service branches, employs 18,00 people and serves some 3 million clients. With online and digital banking growing at an ever increasing rate, KeyBank embarked on a major programme of updating and improving their digital banking offering to all of its personal banking clients. KeyBank wanted to ensure that the changes they were making were well understood and well received by both their employees and their clients.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Initial consultancy to define theproblem statement.
• Change strategy, leadership engagement, Communications strategy.
• Communications strategy and plan delivery.
• Learning and instructional design.
• Film and animation production.

What did we do?

Working in partnership with both the senior leadership and the project delivery team we help shape the change strategy and communication plan both internally to 18,000 employees and externally to some 3,000,000 customers. We designed learning and communication packs that went to each KeyBank location to allow local managers to understand and then prepare their staff for the changes. We also designed and built a series of engaging digital assets in a “teaser” and then “launch” campaign that explained what was going to change and when. KeyBank has now successfully launched it new digital banking platforms with no noticeable disruption to its customer satisfaction or retention scores.