IMI plc

What was the issue?

IMI is a global engineering organisation that has grown and evolved over many years, acquiring nearly 200 engineering companies in the process. The Engineering community is talented and essential to the success of IMI. With the disparate company technologies, IMI were looking for a collaborative platform to foster talent, innovation, knowledge and Transform their Engineering Collaboration within their Engineering Community.

EC3 Services Utilised

• Change strategy, leadership engagement, communications strategy.
• Product design and development.
• Community engagement and management.
• Pilot Strategy and roll-out management and delivery.
• Benchmarking.
• Learning content production.
• Film and animation production.

What did we do?

• Bringing “The IMI Way” to life.
• Improving and optimizing capability development.
• Allowing IMI to talk to all its people with the same “tone of voice”, with the same message, at the same time.
• Providing job relevant information to geographically spread individuals quickly
• Connecting people across the organisation enabling collaboration on key common challenges.
• Providing 5000 Engineers across the globe with the tools they need to do their job as efficiently as possible.
• Facilitating access to learning content across platform.
• Helping solve problems once and then distributing the solutions globally
• Innovating once and then enabling those lessons to be learnt across IMI.